Something Unexpected

Chapter 1: The Jump I’m writing this now with a certain amount of urgency. Something of importance has happened, something which, given the right circumstances, will greatly benefit us both. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I can’t rightly sell you this idea if you have no notion what it is. Where should I start?... Continue Reading →

Still Unexpected

Chapter 1: A Most Outstanding Asshole Another tip on writing, the one most commonly spouted by so-called Creative Writing teachers and professors, is: show don’t tell. What this means — I probably don’t need me to tell you this — is that you should write in a way which allows the reader to come to... Continue Reading →

Connie (Revised)

You can’t see me here, in the dark, can you, George? I can see you though. I can see every little move you make. Everything you do. The world is a small place for you at the moment. Your world is there in that small patch of light, stretching from your front porch out across... Continue Reading →

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