I guess that later on, in the papers and on TV, they’ll try to pinpoint when I went bad. Everyone loves an origin story, right? So they’ll ask the same old questions: What was it that made him commit his heinous acts? What happened to make him this way? Where did things go wrong? Then... Continue Reading →


The Catharsis of Writing

In writing, no matter what it is you write, what subject or style you choose, you are offered one glorious opportunity; the opportunity to live the experiences that have been missed or that passed by too quickly. We can choose, even if only for a paragraph, a line or phrase a new life in which... Continue Reading →

Mental Illness and Writing

  This isn’t going to be one of my normal blog posts. Today I want to be more specific to the task of creative writing and character development. Particularly, with the imminent launch of the DSM-5,  I want to deal with how mental illnesses are and should be portrayed in literature. Now I don’t want... Continue Reading →

An Author’s Voice

These last few days I’ve been trying to write a short story in the first person and it has me thinking about writing styles. I’ve found the depth of my analysis of the characters has had to change and that my style has had to change. It has me thinking about what authors have to... Continue Reading →

An Hour Upon the Stage

We all remember the great thinkers, the great philosophers and writers; they live on beyond their death, immortalised in the scope of their ideas and beauty of their work. Their stories are told and retold until an essence of the their thoughts and ideas seeps into our culture and change the way we perceive our... Continue Reading →

The Mist in Paris

A small, portly man forced his way through the narrow corridor between the seats, wheeling a trolley of stale sandwiches and half-melted chocolate bars. He smiled with the smug air of someone taking full advantage of their limited authority; as if daring any of the carriage’s occupants to think of catching his attention or buying... Continue Reading →


I know I haven’t been posting much, but I’ve been distracted. For one thing I’m on holiday in Europe with my girlfriend and family and so don’t have much time for the internet. That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped writing completely, though, my recent trip to Paris has made me pay more attention to a short... Continue Reading →

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