An Adventure

Chapter One Sometimes in life you just have to give everything up and go on an adventure. I was sitting in my apartment, sipping on a cup of coffee and watching the cars stream by my window. I had the time to waste; I had just quit my job working at (insert something here), the... Continue Reading →

The Ocean’s Pull

The heat hits me as soon as I step out of the sleek, air-conditioned rental car. It works its way into my clothes, invading my body, oppressive and thick. Looking around I notice how much this place has changed; there are building where there used to be wide-open space and scrubland. The horizon has been... Continue Reading →

Connie (Revised)

You can’t see me here, in the dark, can you, George? I can see you though. I can see every little move you make. Everything you do. The world is a small place for you at the moment. Your world is there in that small patch of light, stretching from your front porch out across... Continue Reading →


Writing is hard. There’s no denying that. Sitting in front of a blank page and trying to create something real, something evocative, with nothing but the black marks called letters, well that can be daunting. It’s easy to get scared before you even begin and not produce anything at all. That being said, if there’s... Continue Reading →


I guess that later on, in the papers and on TV, they’ll try to pinpoint when I went bad. Everyone loves an origin story, right? So they’ll ask the same old questions: What was it that made him commit his heinous acts? What happened to make him this way? Where did things go wrong? Then... Continue Reading →

Boats Against the Current

In a small Café on the bustling main street, under the slowly diminishing glow of the summer sun, James sat, quietly observing the streams of people walking by as they  made their way through their apparently busy lives; the men in their casual clothes, the women in various outfits ranging from those long, flowing summer... Continue Reading →

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