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Sometimes it’s important to listen to your own advice. I guess I should have read over what I wrote in my last blog post and taken it more seriously. Making time for the things you love, that seems like good advice to me. I’ve been trying to, I really have. Making time to write, though, that I may have slipped up on.

I guess I was trying to take my life a little more seriously. Starting a career in fitness, one of my other loves, trying to fit in, I was really just trying to be a real person.  And I enjoyed it. I really did. It’s just that along the way I slipped up a little. I became lazy and made the decisions that I felt were expected of me. That’s how I found myself doing something with my days that wasn’t what I really wanted to do and how I ended up ignoring my writing.

Well I’ve made some changes, and though I’m still working in the fitness industry, training clients and taking classes; it’s on my own terms. So what does that mean. It means that I get to go back to writing and that I get to be happy.

Anyway this is all introduction to what I wanted to write about today, which is individuality. I just wanted to start out by asking you a few questions. Try to think about these. What is is that makes you different? What makes you stand out from the other seven billion people currently populating this planet, or even different from the millions of people living in similar circumstances to you. What is it, in fact, that makes you, well, you?

Now the answers to these questions could be a whole list of things. What is it that defines you? Is it an outlook? The way you look at the world? Is it an ideal or a goal? Can what makes you different be perceived by the people around you?

When we’re young we are convinced that we are special, that it doesn’t take any effort to be unique. That’s a lie. It’s up to us to maintain that feeling of being different, of making sure that we set ourselves apart from the people around us. It’s up to us to feel like we aren’t just wasting time doing what it is that is expected of us. If you only live for others you end up ignoring yourself and losing your identity.

There is an identity crisis, especially among the younger population. I’ve been thinking about it lately in terms of myself. I felt like I was losing my originality.

Well I don’t want to pretend anymore. I’ve re-read all the things I’ve written in this blog and want to make sure I never ignore that part of me again. I want to re-embrace the things that made me, well ,me.

So what defines you? What makes you different? What do you love about yourself? Find it. Embrace it.

Never turn your back on who you want to be.


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