The Drunk Diary

OK well I think I should start out by being frank with you, the reader of this blog. I’ve never been very good with technology or the sharing of my intimate writing and thoughts so this is all completely new to me.

Well that’s not entirely true. I did keep, for a couple of years at university, what I called my Drunk Diary: A notebook in which I’d write down all of my recollections after an indulgent night of heavy drinking. It had begun as a tool so that in the morning I could remember what had happened not be blindsided by embarrassing revelations (like the time when I woke up with a bag containing a waitress’ uniform and had no idea how it had gotten into my room). But I found that I only began to appreciate it when I had shown it to a couple of my friends. In a way I was sharing an intimate part of myself with others, albeit an embarrassing and ridiculous part. It seemed to make the experience more complete.

Anyway, I was reminded of my Drunk Diary at a play I went to see recently called Sex with Strangers. It was an amazing performance and I would recommend you go see it. More to the point though, in the play, one of the two main characters, Ethan (who was played by Ryan Corr) had achieved his standing as a blogger, gaining fame by publishing stories of his sexual pursuits and conquests on the internet. This fictionalised Tucker Max contrasted against the other character, Olivia (Jacqueline McKenzie), an older Female novelist, who, while writing seemingly powerful novels, never achieved any sort of recognition for her work. The play tackles some of the big issues of our era; technology, privacy and sex, by contrasting the two characters and unveiling their ultimately doomed relationship.

Watching this though, I wondered whether or not it was possible to merge the viewpoints of the two characters. With a young man’s understanding of Ethan’s character and a love of traditional novels, I wondered if I couldn’t write a blog that combined a love of novels and writing with the intimacy and connectedness that that technology can achieve (among other things).

Therefore this is going to be a blog about the process of writing. There will be my short stories as well as random thoughts. With my old diary I wanted to remember my drunken nights, with this blog I want to remember what it was like writing every piece that I post. It won’t be a Tucker Max-type blog, it will be a blog about writing. I will post short stories and discuss why I wrote them and what influenced me to do so. They might be badly formed and poorly written but they will be a piece of meyself which I will be sharing with you, the reader. This blog is going to be about literature, health, life and death and anything I might be thinking about when I sit down to type. I want to be able to communicate to you the way the way novels communicate to me, through prose.

So that’s about it. I hope you read something you like, and if not, well; it’s enough for me to have written it. So thanks.

Oh, and I’m going to a zoo down the coast, which is going to be awesome, so I won’t be able to post for a couple of days, but I’ll have something interesting to write when I do.


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